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With over a decade of experience, we are a graphic and web design studio bringing creative solutions to the Hills but also the Flats of Perth. As a small design studio ourselves we understand the journey of starting a small business from nothing but a great idea and lots of willpower! That’s why we like to become part of the team, walk in your shoes for a bit, and by working alongside you we achieve the best results while keeping costs to a minimum.

A remarkable identity, a memorable façade, a clear and resonating brochure, an appealing event marketing, a modern and accessible website, to list a few… There are so many applications of print and web communication that it can become a bit confusing at a time, especially when you have billions of other things to think of as a small business owner.

That where we come in. We connect graphism and content with a logical consistency. We provide meaning through design with a harmonious connection. We shape your story through branding, print, editorial, signage & web design.

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No behind the scenes juniors, no hangers on and no hidden extras.

We know that things are constantly changing, and as a result you will only be charged for what we have done, not what we thought about doing. If the brief changes, so will our charges on final invoice, and we will always notify you beforehand so you are aware that it may increase (or decrease) the total project’s cost.

We always have a solution: if you have a limited budget , let us know.

We will always do what we can to accommodate your projected budget and provide you with the best value-for-money solutions suited to your design project. Contact the Vikings today to get a quote. We’ll help your project come to life by advising you on the best way to get maximum bang for your buck.

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Discover our latest creations: brand strategy, logo creation, brochure design, website design, vehicle wrap, building signage…

Our Work

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